Overland (Truck)

Road transportation is often the easiest way of carrying cargo to local and regional destinations for different business needs. We believe that, with a long experience in transport industry and having partners locally and globally, we can fulfill all your transportation needs in this area. Our overland transportation includes such services as Domestic transportation, Regional transportation, Contract transportation, and Truck leasing. Supported by our logistic team, we can address your various needs in terms of haul deliveries from all European countries to Iran and vice versa.
Our trucking services in brief:

  • Full truck services under incoterms Exworks to DDP.
  • Little load service, (groupage) Based on FCA to CPT.
  • Dangerous good carriage based on ADR convention regulation.
  • Refrigerator trucking for perishable, medicine, and temperature controls (FTL & LTL).